We are 13 years young, with our most experienced groomers getting close to 20 years of experience.

Our Mobile trailer started servicing customers in October of 2008 and has been on the road ever since! Our longevity is largely due to our beautiful customer’s belief in us to groom their pets as they love them to look. We aim to be there for them for a long while to come.

Our Salon, based in Carrum Downs, started operation in March 2011. It was our first expansion as we became a 2 person team. We were able to offer more services during this time and our team grew in knowledge and skill.

In September 2019 the doors opened on our next location. Chandler Street in Parkdale saw us move into a proper retail type shop. Along with expansion grew our team to include passionate groomers who wanted a career in pet grooming.

Our staff have differing levels of experience, knowledge and skills. We are always aiming to provide you, the customer, what you require for your pet.

In May 2021, our next Salon has been established. Playful Pets Doggy Daycare center has our team members in their factory grooming clients who require day care and a groom.





Vision Statement:

–      That all organisations and individuals in Victoria will think of Pets Prerogative as the leaders in the industry for the most Universally professional grooming practices.

Mission Statement:

–      In our organisation we offer a thoughtful, considerate and professional pet grooming service, which aims to meet the care and consideration of the client and their pet.

Values Statement:

–      In our organisation we aim to be leaders in our industry in caring for our team members, our customers and their pets. Making sure we always listen to all parties so our service is the most honest, professional, understanding, responsive and reliable organisation we can be.

Award Winning Team

We are an award winning company in Hand stripping and style grooms, with a ‘Best Groom in Show’ win at The 2019 Royal Melbourne Show Dog Grooming Competition. We have won and top 3 placements in many grooming competitions since 2012.

Another one of our achievements, was being voted as the 6th best groomers in the south region out of 210 groomers as per the Leader Newspaper group in 2019.


“I stumbled upon a pet’s prerogative whilst driving with a friend and it was the name that got us initially, I’d been saying it “perogative” all this time!

I can be very fussy with my dogs and judged a pet’s prerogative purely by their mobile trailer which was clean and had nice signage and this was one of those occasions where judging a book by its cover was beneficial. We started with John and he is always so caring and clearly loves all the dogs he grooms.

John took great care of our girl Roxy before she passed and was so gentle with her. We also love seeing his dogs Vader and Pippin. We now see Chloe in the mobile trailer and she always does a great job with our 2 border collies Davie and Lucy and is patient with Lucy who can be a little anxious. We love a pet’s prerogative and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new groomer.”

Love Hayley, Brad, Davie and Lucy

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