Our Groomers


Jo started ‘A Pet’s Prerogative’ in October 2008 after grooming for another company for 4 years. She opened with a newspaper ad and a dedication to the animals she grooms. She is the heart and soul of this team, still our team leader and is our premier cat groomer. Jo is elite when dealing with puppies and older dogs as they need to most time and care. A dog groomer since 2003


John joined A Pet’s Prerogative full time in 2011 after doing an internship with Jo over 12 months. John is a partner in leading this team and is our most experienced competition groomer, winning multiple events including the best groom at the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show. Hand stripping is his forte but most adept at all styles of grooms and all breed specific grooms.


Annamarie joined Pets Prerogative in 2018, she has learned so much since joining us, as previously not knowing anything about grooming. She has progressed to be one of our senior groomers. She is a multiple award winner in grooming competitions and is the team member we most admire. She is very good at all pet dog grooms, hand stripping and is improving daily with breed specific clips.


Chloe joined us in 2019, learning our style and practices from scratch she instantly became the team member to always put a smile on our faces. Always bubbly, her talents as a groomer improve all the time and is now one of our senior groomers. She is very good at all forms of pet dog grooming, with aims to improve her traditional breed specific grooms.


With vast experience over many years, Crystal joined our team in 2021. She is the lady who’s grooms you will remember forever! Crystal brings to Pets Prerogative a modern grooming style which is gaining popularity… Asian Fusion. Although very adept at all styles of pet dog grooming and breed specific grooms, her passion for the cutest dog look is something to behold.


Tahlia has shown impressive skill at learning new ideas, techniques and skills. Her first ever time she clipped a dog was to do a Poodle face! Head strong in her endeavors, she is already preparing for her first competition. Be prepared grooming world, Tahlia will be a winner. Her progress is rapid and she has now progressed to working unassisted. We are so proud!

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